Welcome to College Station Yoga!

College Station Yoga (CSY) proudly brings you a personal and unique yoga experience by introducing the first hot yoga studio in Bryan/College Station! The classes at CSY are conducted in small, intimate studios which allow for a smaller student to instructor ratio and a safe-haven for any level yogi; beginner to advanced.
One of the most unique aspects of our studio is how we evolve our students. We do not believe in a cookie cutter, every class fits every yogi approach. We offer an eclectic mix of yoga disciplines with accurate descriptions so our yogis know what to expect. Developing students is one of the main goals for our yoga program. All new members receive a complimentary private yoga session where you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced yoga instructor.


Yoga improves digestion and also aids in stress, mental clarity and pain relief. Yoga creates better breathing and body alignment, builds the immune system, releases toxins, and helps balance hormones. Everyone can benefit from yoga and everyone can do yoga! You don’t have to be flexible! Yoga is unique for every individual and the teachers at CSY are eager to help you find your comfort level every step of the way.
Whatever your reason or skill level, we welcome you to begin or continue your yoga journey with us. Our goal is to provide you the best possible results in a calm, attitude-free, and positive atmosphere. We strive to make each yoga class a challenging, peaceful, and personal experience. Become more in tune with the world around you and connect your mind and body by establishing a regular yoga practice with CSY!


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